Tarius woke up in the midnight. He looked at his little brother's bed incidentally before closing his eyes again. There should be his little brother sleeping.


But he couldn't see Sheal from his bed. With a little anxiety, he woke out of a sleep.

Taruius stood up and checked Sheal's bed, and made sure the fact that his bed was cold which meant Sheal had gone for a while.

He felt his back got sweat with anxiety.

First of all, he went downstairs and checked the entrance door. As he expected, the bar was taken off.

Trying to calm down, Tarius looked around. There was a bright moonlight.

He found what he looked for sooner than he thought. He found a little shadow in the backyard.

Soon after he felt relieved, he started to feel ineffable anger.

He hid his scent and got closer to the prey.


Tarius raise his little brother with his one hand, and held his mouse with another hand. Sheal resisted like a caught fish in Tarius's hands. But Tarius, holding his little brother, went to in front of the entrance and sat down on the stairs. Then he turned around Sheal to him.

"Aha.. Tariu…."

Sheal looked up and found out that it was his big brother.

"Ah, It hurts!"

A hard spank fell on Sheal's bare butt.

Tarius kept on spanking his little brother's small butt without a rest.

"No! No… Aw…."

With a strong pain and fear, Sheal gave a cry. Then Tarius held his mouse again. Tarius gave ten spanks and made his little brother, who couldn't understand the situation, stand up in front of him.


Sheal wept silently as he thought if he made a noise, he would be scolded again. He peeped at his big brother between his little fingers and found out that his big brother stared at him with a furious look. Sheal couldn't stand the stare, and tears rolled down his cheeks again.

There was a deadlock for a while.

'It was clear that my brother is mad at me. Then, I must have been wrong.'

Sheal couldn't figure out what it was, but anyway, he couldn't stand this tension anymore.

"I am sorry, Tarius."

Sheal was very afraid of his angry brother, but he somehow managed to look at his brother's eyes.

Tarius's look eased a little bit.

"If it weren't me, what do you think happened?"

As he listened to his big brother, Sheal remembered the fear when he was raised suddenly. Sheal knew there were people like kidnappers or abductors. Sheal thought that his brother was talking about them.

"I cannot come back."

His face became pale.

"I was going to protect you anytime, but if you acted like this, I might not be able to do so."

"I am sorry, brother. I won't do such a thing again. I won't…"

Sheal couldn't stand it as he felt like being abandoned.

"Come here, boy."

Tarius's anger eased quickly, by seeing his little brother's crying face. Tarius pulled his little brother on his knees.

"Can you imagine how I felt when I found out that there weren't you in your bed?"

If it was Sheal, he would become crazy and look for his brother. Even Tarius was an adult, Sheal could easily imagine if it were him.

"Did you worry a lot?"

"I did."

As Tarius answered shortly, Sheal looked very sorry.

"I think worrying about the child is a parent's role. So it is ok, but I want you to consider it a little bit more."

Sheal said 'yes.' Then, there wasn't anything to argue anymore.

"Anyway, what did you do in such a midnight?"

Then Tarius decided to solve his wonder.

"Nothing special. I just couldn't sleep."

"You don't like darkness, do you?"

"It was brighter outside because of the moonlight."

"Ah… Year."

Tarius couldn't say anything.

"Anyway, don't go out without telling me in the midnight. If you acted like this, the curfew would become meaningless."

"Ow, yes."

Sheal seemed to notice it.

Looking at his little brother, Tarius sighed deeply.

"Well, let's go back to our room."

He didn't think they could sleep again, but he thought they could rest their bodies. As he tried to lower Sheal, he looked up his big brother with dissatisfaction.

"I cannot sleep because my butt hurts."

"Alright, alright. I see."

Tarius answered gently.

"Then, you can think about yourself all the night.

"Ow, no…."

Tarius lied down his complaining little brother on his knees. Sheal kept saying 'I am sorry.' Only the moon lightened the brothers.

The end

10 June, 2011