An adventure

It was a cozy, bright afternoon. Tarius was reading a book with a cup of tea in his room.

He hasn't seen his little brother Sheal for a while. Maybe he is playing outside. Tarius was having a quiet time for a short time.

While he was enjoying his own time, someone opened the door suddenly.

"Mr. Tarius! There is a trouble!!"

Yuria came in his room and shouted. Tarius wondered if she couldn't come in with a knock. But when he tried to say that, Yuria told him something that he couldn't believe at the moment.

"Your Sheal is on the roof!"

Tarius quickly stood up and went to the window. He leaned his body on the bay window and found his little brother on the roof.

"Sheal! Don't move!"

"Ow, Tarius."

Sheal was surprised at the tone of his big brother's voice.

"Come down fast."

At the time Tarius got the downstairs, there was a small crowd of people.

"Ow, you two, come here fast"

As the landlady found Tarius and Yuria, she beckoned them. There was a ladder.

"I'm sorry for the trouble."

Tarius apologized shortly and started to scale the ladder. The landlady and Yuria supported the ladder.

"Don't move! It's not safe!!"

Tarius recognized Sheal trying to walk toward Tarius. Tarius's voice surprised Sheal and he lost the balance on the roof. Everyone in downstairs closed their eyes.


Tarius somehow managed to catch the boy. But the scaffold was too unstable to hold on. Tarius lost the balance and fell down on the ground, holding the boy in his hand.

"Are you alright? Mr. Tarius?"

"Yes, it's not a big deal."

With his great motor nerves, they were somehow alright.

"You, Sheal? Have you got any pain?"

Tarius asked and looked into Sheal in his hands. Without understanding the situation, Sheal nodded.

"Alright, good."

Tarius was really relieved and instinctively held his little brother. But he immediately changed his mind and secluded him.

"Go back to our room and be quiet."

His voice was very stern.

As Sheal went back to his room, he sat down on the bed with confusion. He wondered about the sense of peace when he was held by Tarius. It was kind of nice and tickling. At least it was something sentimental. He was thinking about it for a while, but he came to himself at the sound of constant footsteps. It reminded him the fact that Tarius's voice was unusually stern.

"Are you aware of the fact that you did a wrong thing?"

Tarius came in and asked Sheal quietly. He answerd 'yes.' Tarius sat down on the bed and faced his little brother.

"You were very close to serious injury or you could have died. It is the most important thing that you take care of your life, isn't it? Why you can't understand such a simple thing?"

Listening to Tarius's lecture, Sheal just looked down. For him, it was only an adventure and never expected it turned out to be such a big trouble.

"You acted without considering the consequences. Can you realize how much I worried about you?"

Sheal got afraid of Tarius's stern voice. Tears in his eyes. Tarius can tell that Sheal is regretting what he did at some degree. But things were so serious that he couldn't forgive his little brother without a punishment. Tarius made up his mind.

"You've been such a bad boy. You deserve a punishment. Come here and give me your butt."

Saying that, Tarius tapped his knees. Sheal, with his brother's merciless order, was just shaking his head.

"Sheal!! Come Here!!"

At last, Tarius shouted. Sheal was surprised at the voice and stood up. He slowly went to his big brother and looked at his face.

"Lay down here."

Tarius thought it is not good enough if he forced his brother to lay on his knees. He patiently waited Sheal to voluntarily lay on his knees. Sheal was already weeping, but Tarius ignored it. As Sheal lie on his knees, Tarius pull down his trousers and underwear to his knees. Sheal didn't resist.

"I want you to realize how bad what you did was."

With saying that, he gave Sheal the first stroke.


Sheal throw his head back with the terrible pain. Tarius gave him more spanks. In no time, Sheal's butt became pink.

"It hurts! It hurts!!"

Tarius ignored Sheal's cry and kept spanking him.

"You are getting a spanking. Spanking is supposed to hurt. Now, be still."

Tarius scolded his crying little brother. He stopped spanking once he saw Sheal stop resisting.

"What did I tell you when you got lost in the wood?"

Sheal didn't understand the meaning of his big brother's question and couldn't answer.

"I told you that you shouldn't do dangerous things. Why do you repeat the same things?"

As saying that, he gave very strong strokes to his both cheeks.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Sheal couldn't bear the pain and he apologized for the first time of the day. After that, he just cried. Tarius wondered how hard for his little brother to apologize, but he decided to forgive his little brother.

Tarius pulled up Sheal's trousers and underwear and made Sheal stand in front of him. Sheal, who kept on sobbing covering his face with his hands, started calm down and became just weeping.

"Do you understand why you are scolded?"

Tarius asked. No anger in his voice anymore.

"Because I climbed on the roof?"

"Why is that bad?"

"Because it is dangerous?"

"That's right. It's ok now if you understand why."

As saying so, he put his hand on his little brother's head. Tarius thought he would spoil his brother if he stayed with him. He thought that Sheal needed time to think and left the room.

After about one hour, Tarius thought Sheal might calm down and and his butt might be better, and went back to their room. Then, he found Sheal kept sobbing.

"Are you still crying?"

Sheal was still sobbing, which Tarius didn't expect.

"You don't need to cry so bad anymore."

Tarius felt sorry when he saw his brother's crying face. He sat down on the bed and stroked his hair gently. That made Sheal cry harder.

"Sheal? Hey, are you alright?"

Sheal choked hard. It seemed that he already hurt his throat.

"Hey, no more cry."

Tarius raised Sheal's head in his arms and tapped his back.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"Not at all, Sheal."

Tarius gave a wry smile. He wondered how much Sheal was afraid on him. On the other hand, Sheal clung on Tarius very hard.

"What's the matter boy?"

Tarius couldn't understand why, but he guessed that Sheal wanted to nestle up to him, and kept holding and gently stroked his back.

"It's ok. You don't need to worry about anything. I'll be ok if you are alright."

"Then, youc you don't dislike me?"

Sheal kept clung on him and looked up Tarius. Tarius realized that his little brother wasn't sobbing from the fear of punishment or pain. Sheal was afraid of if he was hated by Tarius.

"There is no way that I hate you."

Even Tarius don't know why. But now he loves the boy who isn't even kindred.

"If I didn't like you, I wouldn't care if you fell from the roof or anything. I scold you so hard because I cherish you."

As he heard it, Sheal was relived enough to loosen his hands.

"I worried about you, really, Sheal."

Saying so, Tarius held Sheal. Tarius's loving hold gave Sheal a sence of kindness and peace which he almost forgot for a long time.

14th May, 2011